The fake news as a model of life, look at your memories

The fake news as a model of life, look at your memoriesHistory lives on in memories – heroes die there, myths and legends are born there. The traces of memories are like steps in the sand – the water can wash them away, the wind can erase them, the time to remove them briefly they are permanent. And that’s where the characters live, that’s where the nice and horrible moments associated with us or with all of humanity on the planet live.

Are we talking about people’s short memory, and is it not the produced model of homo sapiens manipulation of today? Social networks are a parallel world in which we exist, thinking that we live in it. There every one of us has an archive – memories of that date a year ago, and any such – who has a birthday and we have a story created by memories. This is a social experiment that brings us closer to each other and as we build bridges we build walls – walls.

And so the walls are these faces of ours to the public, and we show them what we want to look like to our friends on social networks, and so overstretched and false takes a toll on our social status. False news becomes a way of life and a role model. And so fake politicians manipulate society, trying to create the feeling that there is no corruption, right? False memories create a false story in which false characters are born and die. When the virtual world goes above normal and your friends limit is on the limit and on New Year’s Eve alone with your dog, work is not good!

We are strong on the table, we are strong on Facebook, but we are alien to ourselves already. And so the millennial history of a planet is subjected to manipulation and assembly in the minds of men. The erosion of our memories in the embrace of the virtual sense of popularity can qualify as a disease – a virus that afflicts the whole world, regardless of ethnicity or religion, regardless of its geographical location.

The manipulation of our memories, false history and lack of social rules make the system a parallel ocean in which everyone swims somewhere without direction and sooner or later the system can delete it with one sentence that violates community rules. Which community and who decides? We want change, but who and how does that change in our minds, in our minds, in history and in our memories, does anyone ask this question?

We came to that well that it was fake news so we could tell ourselves the truth. The memories in them are lived by the heroes of their time, but even there they die, and today all those who manipulate the nation there will perish in the memories of society, and society no longer rests on the standards of the past, and it survives in the present. We can’t throw the garbage out of power, but we can throw the garbage out of our world!

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