True or not. Chocolate lies with taste of Ukraine

True or not. Chocolate lies with taste of Ukraine Chocolate lies with taste of ROSHEN. Democrats and their media machine are trying to create scandals with the taste of something wrong, something forbidden, though it does not follow common sense and logic.
Ukraine is at war with Russia. Now to follow the logic – first they accused Russia of helping Trump, and now Ukraine, of helping Trump, and the truth is that this can’t happen as they are enemies. The CIA headquarters has no influence in Ukraine because the buildings were vacated there and staff were sent to Bulgaria, Macedonia, Poland and Romania.

Therefore, what they are trying to inspire is false news created by them. We all know that Soros has a huge influence in Ukraine and that is why this fictional situation is being created now. People do not believe because truth is a subjective concept. However, what we hear is not truth, but opinion, and what we see is not truth, but viewpoint, and what we know can be false news and we are deeply misled, which is why Soros’s media machine is used to manipulated.

The truth can only be one thing, the other is the point of view, and according to the Democrats, it is the truth that drives them. Check, ask, know and then speak. After all, they just advertised some Soros-flavored chocolates, and Trump once again showed that there was content behind each package.

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